Since 1988, PCC’s project management group has assisted clients to manage risks inherent in capital projects, including multi-million dollar environmental remediation engagements. PCC’s professionals are uniquely qualified to offer financial, scientific, and operational assistance to organizations involved in financially intense projects.

PCC’s project team consists of seasoned, experienced professionals who have acted as project coordinators, project controllers, and resident project managers. In addition, PCC has significant litigation support experience on high-profile cases. In recent years, PCC has assisted companies involved in some of the most widely publicized environmental projects. PCC specializes in complex projects involving numerous stakeholders, attorneys, and governmental oversight agencies.

Capital Project Management Results

  • Accounted for and compiled budget versus actual cost analyses for over $300 million in project expenditures.
  • Developed and maintained estimates-to-complete and cash projections for a multi-year $800+ million environmental remediation project.
  • Created financial projections to assist a client to justify long-term strategic decisions with complex legal implications.
  • Provided key financial and technical expert witness testimony supporting project management decisions and related costs.
  • Saved a client approximately $5 million in project costs through contract negotiations and audits of contractors.
  • Recommended cost approval and budget monitoring procedures to improve a client’s management of multi-million dollar construction projects.
  • Educated clients to identify potentially fraudulent or excessive construction costs.