PCC’s forensic accounting and legal support specialists have an average of 20 years of experience in accounting, auditing, financial analysis, and advanced mathematics. PCC uses electronic data-mining techniques to extract, analyze, interpret, and summarize data in order to identify irregular or erroneous transactions. Regardless of an investigation’s size or complexity, PCC organizes the critical data into concise, yet compelling reports, tables, graphs, and visual aids for attorneys and other clients to use to strengthen their cases. When required, PCC provides expert witness testimony to support its findings.

Below are a few examples of PCC’s forensic accounting success:

  • Provided evidence that an automobile dealership had breached its Chapter 11 reorganization arrangement by misusing lenders’ funds.
  • Provided expert witness testimony to justify costs for a $800 million environmental remediation project.
  • Compiled cash flow and profitability projections demonstrating that the inventor of an unsuccessfully-marketed electronic device had vastly overstated a damages claim.
  • Assembled evidence that a group of health club franchisees had underreported membership fees and used related parties to provide construction services to the detriment of the franchisor.
  • Provided litigation support services, including compiling justifications for internal charges, assessing the appropriateness of contracting decisions, preparing “ground-up” costs estimates, and writing a rebuttal opinion for a client involved in a multi-million dollar lawsuit.
  • Retained to serve as a testifying expert on damages. PCC analyzed the client’s financial documents to determine the defensible damages, analyzed reports prepared by the opposing experts and wrote a rebuttal, supported the attorneys during depositions of the opposing experts and presented exhibits and provided expert witness testimony. The judge explicitly agreed with PCC’s damage analysis and cited PCC’s opinion in the ruling.
  • Provided financial expertise in a dispute over business ownership. PCC mapped the flow of investments and funding among several companies, identified, quantified, and explained key financial information, prepared deposition documents and assisted the attorneys in preparing witnesses for deposition and prepared multiple graphs and charts to simplify and illustrate complex financial information. PCC was able to reduce the plaintiff’s defensible claim from multiple entities to a single-entity.
  • Engaged by a national firm on behalf of the plaintiff in a $30 million lawsuit. PCC created a timeline of events and a forensic reconstruction of the project’s financial history, analyzed compliance with state restrictions and regulations and assessed the financial viability of the project. PCC’s work assisted counsel in developing and strengthening its case. Negotiations resulted in the plaintiff accepting $10 million and a share of the defendant’s future value.